Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Writing Wednesdays - October Short Story Course Summary

So, welcome back! Sorry for the break last week - I was working on the October Short Story Course, which is now complete (indeed, I'm about 14,000 words into Nano).

I thought what would make most sense today would be to create a summary of the October Short Story Course, putting all of the information in one place.  So here it goes!

One - Word to describe the atmosphere, description of the setting:

Two - Names and character descriptions, pick out your three main characters:

Three - Make profiles for each of your main characters:

Four - Work out relationships between different characters:

Five - One sentence summary of your story, paragraphs, and characters meeting:

Six - Check things work together, write overview from different characters:

Ten - Write three or four short paragraphs, each for a different scene:

Eleven - Write the scenes from yesterday in name: *action* format:

Twelve - Write your favourite scene from yesterday out in full:

Thirteen - Draw a table of character responses to plot development:

Fourteen - Song for each character, how they develop across the plot:

Fifteen - In character explanations of the scene from the twelfth, pick a POV:

Seventeen - Which animal would each character be and 700 words:

Twenty Two - 700 words, and the characters dreams, ambitions and super powers:

Thirty One - Finish the story, and consider how characters have changed:

Thanks, I hope this has helped you to see how I sometimes go about constructing a story, and I'll talk to you soon!

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