Thursday, 30 June 2016

I'm Back!

Midway through 2016, and I'm delighted to announce my return to social media - I've added a Twitter header (@jchasestories,), got my Facebook up to date and in the next day or two will be updating my website.  Pinterest collections will also be updated soon, and I'll be self-publishing a short story later in the month.  So much excitement all around, how have you been?

It's been a busy time for me, and I missed speaking to you all!  There are going to be regular updates of my writing blog, and I'm posting #1linewed weekly on Twitter, because they are great fun!  

I've just got a new laptop, and tidied my room so I have a nice comfy writing nook full of cushions, which I will be taking full advantage of, but over the past year and a bit I've been writing quite a few things, so I thought I'd update you on what I've currently got for sale:

I have a fantasy story in Random Acts of Kindness, which I mentioned in my last blog post: Tobias is a healer in a small village, busy trying to keep those who live there safe from harm.  One day, when he returns from work, he discovers that his house has been broken into.  Inside, he finds Joshua, badly injured and attempting to hide a bag of stolen jewellery.  He shelters Joshua from the King’s guard, and looks after him as he heals.  Soon, Tobias's kindness will come back to repay him many times over.

I also have a number of short stories published from anthologies in Torquere Press:
A Second Chance at Happiness in which a blind date-gone-wrong becomes a blind date-gone-right as Andrew meets Callum's three children and start to build a family.

Coffee and Chaos tells the story of Peter, the perfect serious investigator, and the notoriously difficult Charlie who is his new partner.  Despite Charlie's problems, the results still come in, but the conflict between them soon threatens to become something else entirely—if only Charlie would take his job a little more seriously.

Falling for Love has a winter theme.  At a hiking trip, Tom and Luke's friendship falls in more ways than one, as a misplaced step leads to a longstanding friendship becoming something far more.

The Fisher Lot was in the Halloween collection, telling the story of Barney's visit to a haunted house. Initially finding it unnerving, he is coping until he hears a loud crack and a frightened girl explains that someone has fallen through the floorboards.  Going to help, he meets Max -- a previous resident of the house who needs his help.

My newest story, Reunion Soda.  I've always loved the Second World War, so getting to write a relationship built in it is an amazing opportunity.  "Jim had never expected to enjoy fighting, but when the Second World War had found him assigned to Will’s unit, life had got better.  But the war ended, and for years he’s been trying to move on.  Now though, Will is coming across the ocean, and Jim gets the chance to welcome him back into his life and hold him in his arms.  He’s going to show Will the sights, and maybe even find a place that they can go dancing."

I'm going to be setting up an amazon account to self-publish soon, so watch this space, and thank you so much for your continued support and friendship! I'm so lucky to be part of such an amazing community!

I'm glad to be back.

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