Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Writing Wednesdays: Trello

Just a quick entry today, to introduce you to a fantastic way I've found of keeping track of writing projects.  If you're anything like me, you've got dozens of writing projects on the go at once, and that means you need a system to remember what you're writing, what the deadlines are, what the plot is, and who the characters are.

Introducing Trello:

You can make multiple boards, I've taken a picture of my writing board here - and for each board, you can include multiple lists - in this I've got spaces for stories I've got an idea for, those I have planned, those I have started writing, those I have finished, and those that are edited. 

Next stage along are cards (those white rectangles) which you can drag between lists.  You can have headings and give them colour coded tabs.  If you click on the card to open it, you can include checklists, images, deadlines, and other attachments.


This is a quick page I put together for a project I'm working on at the moment.

This is all great because it lets you visualise your project.  As well as overviews like the one shown above, you can also make ones for each individual project, or share links with a team.  Or for anything else you need to keep track of. This Lifehacker article sets out how it can be used, and this template by Reddit user tleisher can help you to get started.

If this is all just a bit too fancy, and you just want a list you can tick off to keep track of things, try using Workflowy (that's my referral link there, and if you use it you get 500 items a month rather than 250, and I get extra too).  I tend to do my first planning in workflowy, and add more detail in trello.

Hope one or other of these is of use to you.  What programmes do you use to plan your writing?

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